Slightly late; I was “hassle”d yesterday, but was at my school’s 21st anniversary, with Terry Waite, some other past students, all the current students, teachers past and present, and a lot of balloons. So I’ve been working some of today instead, which worked out quite well, as it was beautifully sunny yesterday and pouring with rain today.

I fixed a number of bugs in various places, including one that meant all pledges would expire a day early and various problems with the reporting abuse process. I also renamed NotApathetic’s “best of” page to “busiest”, as they’re not the same thing. 😉 The PledgeBank RSS feed of new pledges will hopefully be available from the live site soon (I’ve added the HTML to make the little orange icon appear in Firefox) – if you can’t wait until then.

I think Tom wants me to work next on user-defined flyers, which will involve adding to the poster generation code all the code we removed when we moved from using text in the POST to fetching it from the database. 🙂 Not sure of the details involved, so await direction. Looks like it might involve learning RTF generation in Python, though; hope that’s possible…


  1. Hey! That’s my high school too. Not sure I’ve met you as I left in 1996.

    Just been reading your group of websites. My girlfriend was planning to implement her own faxyourmp style site for Italy. But starting from a proven open source base could be quite useful.


  2. I left in 1997, so you were only the year above me…

    Italian WriteToThem sounds like a great idea – go for it. 🙂 And feel free to ask questions of us.