PledgeBank happenings

Well, today I’ve done something that will never be viewable to almost all of you. It’s a log in the admin interface of everything that’s going on with regards to PledgeBank, who’s signed up to what, what emails have been queued, and so on. It’s quite simple, simply fetching data from a few database tables in reverse date order, but I like it, and it’s proved handy already.

Also today, I’ve added a two month deadline limit to new pledges, searching of names as well as pledges, and made user error handling a bit nicer – try submitting a new pledge with missing entries (well, when it gets deployed to the live site, anyway). And at the moment I’m playing with putting a small pledge PNG (generated from an A7 landscape PDF) somewhere on the View Pledge page. Not sure where it can go, though.


  1. And another comment to check out the anti-spam system. I think this is all working now.