Progress: more SMS and email

So, just a very quick update. Actually Tom was supposed to write this, but he’s off schmoozing at some event for people much cooler than us programmers, so I’ve volunteered. Since I last wrote about SMS, we’ve arranged to do our SMS stuff in partnership with C360, who’ve very kindly offered us a much better deal than the other aggregators we’d talked to. Unfortunately that required a rewrite of the SMS interface, which took up a bit of time. But that’s now done and seems to be working. I’d ask you to test it, but (a) we already think it’s working OK, and (b) because of The Rules on the promotion of “premium rate” (i.e., reverse-billed) SMS services, we can’t advertise the service publically without also advertising a point of contact for users. Because that has to go on the flyers which can be printed out to advertise pledges, we need to arrange a short-and-snappy postal address (PO Box or similar) which won’t take up too much space. Next week, hopefully.

So, that was yesterday and this morning’s work. Today it’s back to the mailing lists which pledge creators will use to send information about pledges out to the signers. But before that, I need to make some more coffee. Toodle-pip.