I also saw hassle’s message to Tom, and wrote this at the same time as Chris wrote his; no duplication of work goes on here, no sir. 🙂

So, I’m off ill (hopefully only for the day), but I seem to be all right enough to sit in bed doing some design work for NotApathetic (fieldset is a much underused element of HTML), talking about colours for same (I don’t think it really matters what colour it is, others don’t want it to be associated with any political party, but they (the parties) seem to have all colours wrapped up and greys are hard to do not dull – ooh, another Matthew has found a nice non-party bluey-green, looks good to me), and discuss various wording (including fixing Tom’s pledge when he did it wrong – we do need more warnings that it’s unchangeable once created – unless you know someone with database access 😉 ).

I also worked on Good Friday (don’t get me started on how complicated it is to account for bank holidays at work, being part-time; and I had nothing better to do), adding iCal entries for PledgeBank, storing a hash of the password for private pledges, and other things like that.

Probably not doing much else today, but will be working on NA or PB on Friday, hopefully getting them on the way to being done. 🙂