ODPM award

mySociety is delighted to announce that we are being awarded £250,000 by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM), in response to a bid we made partnership with West Sussex County Council just before Christmas. The funding is part of something called the e-innovations fund, a pot of government cash set aside to stimulate useful and innovative new online projects – in other words exactly the type of thing mySociety was set up to build.

Thanks to the enthusiasm and talent surrounding the project, plus the quality of ideas you have all supplied, they’ve decided to include us in their list of supported projects.

We don’t have the an enormous amount of detail about the funding yet, but the bottom line appears to be that it will enable us to build our launch projects, as submitted and vetted by you all before Christmas.

As I said, we don’t have a huge amount more info about this important development, but if you have questions, please either email them or leave them on our wiki. We’ll then do our best to answer them as best we can, on that same page.

More news when we get it…

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