We’ll build you online tools your users will love

Simple and intuitive. No fuss, no bother. We believe that every online transaction should be this way.

But simple web tools are deceptively hard to create.

Fortunately, we have a wealth of experience to draw on. We’ve been running some of the UK’s best-known civic and democracy websites for over a decade.

Our expertise lies in:

  • displaying complex data, simply
  • mapping
  • customer feedback and communication channels
  • understanding users and what they need to do

We use that experience to design, build and grow ultra-usable web and mobile applications for you, our client.

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Our expertise

Transactional tools that work

Transactions are at the heart of many websites. If your users need to report a problem, give some feedback, make contact, or query your database, they are making transactions.

These are often the hardest elements of a website to get right. It’s all about putting yourself in the user’s shoes, avoiding in-house jargon, and minimising the amount of effort your user needs to make.

We specialise in creating tools that tick all those boxes. By speaking to all your stakeholders, internal and external, we’ll get to the very heart of what we need to deliver. And then we’ll build you something that is a joy to use.
Screenshot of NHS Care Connect

Untangling your users’ journey

In the short history of the internet, many organisations have had time to create labyrinthine amounts of content online. This legacy content can create a burden for your users, who just want to find the information they need, and get on with their lives.

Sometimes it takes an outsider to understand what can be cut back and what needs to stay. We can take the long view, guiding your web development so that it forges the best possible user journey for your stakeholders.

Illustration of a simple user journey

Displaying your complex data, simply

Many organisations hold large amounts of data, but struggle to share it in a truly accessible way.

We’ve visualised and crowdsourced data, campaigned for the release of important data sets to the public, and built data-driven applications, creating value and impact for client organisations.

Our tools are people-centric, interactive, often browser-based, always simple to use. We help people pull what they need out of the thicket of facts and figures.

Whether it’s an interactive map or a hard-hitting headline, we can build a representation your users feel drawn to, can understand, and will share.

Screenshot of a London property heatmap that we built for a client

Our beliefs

Our work always starts with the user. It’s important to us that every element of every project appeals to both logic and emotion.

Online transactions shouldn’t be hard work. We ask ‘what’s the minimum effort the user needs to make?’

We advocate transparency where appropriate. Publishing data online can save you time and money.

We come from a culture of open-source. When others contribute, everyone benefits.

Our methods

We listen. Before we write a single line of code, we want to hear from the people who’ll be using it.

We scope the project out. It’s important that both sides agree over exactly what the project is.

We iterate. We use agile methodologies, integrating your feedback at every stage.

We charge transparently. Our costs are calculated on a day rate basis. We’ll agree them up front and there are no hidden extras.

Who we’ve helped

No 10 Downing Street

In 2006, the Prime Minister’s Office decided to create a petitioning system (now retired) for the nation to make its views known – and we were contracted to design and develop it. Robust, load-tested and secure, at its peak nearly 200,000 people signed up to the service in a single day. It featured anti-spam measures, a moderation system for Downing Street staff to approve and reject petitions, and transparent publication of all moderation decisions.


Care Connect is an initiative designed to give patients a say in the delivery of NHS services in England. mySociety developed a web tool designed to make it easy for people to interact with the NHS – painlessly routing their correspondence to the relevant provider, and transparently letting them track the status of their report.

Passenger Focus

UK public transport watchdog Passenger Focus surveys passengers’ views of transport service provision on an annual basis, and also deals with complaints and appeals. As part of their open data strategy they wanted a navigable and engaging way to show the data they hold to the public. We built a data explorer for them.

Channel 4 / Tiger Aspect

The Great British Property Scandal, George Clarke’s TV crusade to bring empty homes back into use, was supported by mySociety’s development work. We created a petition system allowing people to sign an open letter to ministers, MPs, local politicians and officials, and a web tool and app for reporting empty homes to the relevant authorities.

The British Museum

To tie in with the British Museum’s ‘Vikings: Life and Legend’ exhibition, mySociety made an online tool demonstrating the etymology of place names of Norse origin within England. This uses data gathered by the University of Nottingham and plots it on a map for visitors to explore.

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