What’s UX?

UX is shorthand for “user experience”.

Most visitors to an organisation’s website are either looking for information, or need to carry out a task. A good user experience is one that makes it as easy as possible for people to reach their goal.

We’ve spent many years making our own websites direct, quick and intuitive, and we can share that expertise with you, and help you design some improvements.

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Is your website a joy to use?

If you’ve ever watched one of your users attempt a task on your website, you’ll know that it can be a sobering experience.

Perhaps the things you assumed were simple and intuitive… just aren’t.

Perhaps the language you use, or the way your content is arranged, only makes sense to those inside your organisation.

These are common pitfalls, and, as organisations grow, they become harder to avoid.

That’s where mySociety’s UX consulting comes in.

How we work

Different organisations have different needs, so we keep this offering very flexible. We’ll focus on a single issue, or your whole website, as you prefer.

We’ll talk to staff and users, and examine your website and the data you hold about it. We’ll be looking to answer questions such as:

  • What’s the most popular task on this website?
  • Is it easy to find this task from the homepage, or from search results?
  • How does the typical user describe this task – are the words on the site the same as the words they’d use?
  • Why might people start but not complete the task?

We’ll identify barriers and pitfalls, and present you with a proposal of tangible suggestions that will immediately improve the online experience for your users.

UX design

Once we have pinned down the problems, we can help you on your way to putting the solutions in place.

Often, the first task is to bring all your stakeholders on board.

We can make user-centred prototypes or mock-ups of how your service’s digital touchpoints should look Рno fusty specification documents here, just actual, visual instances that people will grasp immediately.

We’ll also work with you to understand what process changes need to be made for it all to become reality.

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Who we’ve helped

No 10 Downing Street

When Downing Street needed a robust petitioning system for the nation, we were there to help them design and develop a new tool that was easy to use, popular and trustworthy. It’s since been retired, but we’re still very proud of the extremely transparent moderation process – an exemplar of good practice in government – that showed all rejected petitions with the reason for rejection. We’ve also been consulted on petitioning technologies by the White House as a result.


Consumer watchdog Which? had an idea for a digital channel for reporting good and bad care service experience, and tapped our experience in creating reporting applications. We prototyped several potential design solutions and tested them with users to understand their reactions to different aspects of the service (with confidentiality being a particular concern when dealing with sensitive medical care issues).

Kent Channel Migration Project

mySociety was commissioned to help a coalition of councils in Kent explore how to redesign a number of key transactional or informational online services. We ran workshops with service managers and analysed contact centre call volumes to identify three services for reform, then conducted user testing and design workshops to create prototypes for digital customer-centred versions of those services.

Passenger Focus

The transport watchdog wanted to make their massive amounts of data accessible to the general public. We examined their website in detail, and interviewed staff within all the main workstreams, to produce a Digital Options report with a range of ideas for them to consider. This led to the creation of their data browser… which we also helped them to build.
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