Maps that show time

How long is your commute?

The chances are, you answered in minutes rather than miles. That’s why we made Mapumental: intuituve, interactive maps that display public transport journey times between start points and destinations.

Transit-time maps, also known as isochrone maps, are not a new idea: there are examples dating back hundreds of years. But the online technologies behind Mapumental are new – and have unleashed a great many possibilities for all kinds of users.

Screenshot of an interactive Mapumental map

Mapumental at work

Estate agents have used Mapumental to show househunters every property they could buy within a reasonable public transport commute from their workplace.

Civic planners and governments have used it to generate Public Transport Accessibility Maps, plotting how long it takes to reach essential services.

Insurers have used it to show how long it would take fire engines to reach any given postcode.

How will you use Mapumental?

We’ll add your data as a Mapumental layer. You’ll be amazed at how it comes alive – fully interactive maps, easy to understand at a glance.

Bespoke mapping Tell us what you need and we’ll build the maps for you.

Self-service API Generate your own maps in PNG or GRASS ASCII grid raster output.

It’s data visualisation as you’ve never seen it before.

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