Fault reporting that’s simply user-friendly

We’ve been running FixMyStreet since 2007. It’s the UK’s most widely-used fault-reporting website.

Now we’ve packaged everything we know about problem reporting into an all-inclusive, user-centric solution that sits seamlessly on council websites: FixMyStreet for Councils.

Screenshot of Hart District Council's FixMyStreet site

Easy to integrate

FixMyStreet for Councils is a cloud-hosted application, designed specifically for local authority needs.

Based on the UK’s first nationwide problem-reporting website and app, FixMyStreet for Councils prioritises usability and accessibility – making it a service that citizens love, rather than tolerate.

Behind the scenes, it hooks up with your own back-office software, placing reports directly into your system and bypassing the need for rekeying. We’ve worked with Microsoft, Oracle, Lagan, and many other systems.

Our integrated dashboard allows instant access to your fault report statistics and fix rates.

Screenshot of the FixMyStreet for Councils dashboard

On mobile

Also available as a dedicated mobile app, or responsive mobile website, FixMyStreet for Councils can be used by your citizens on the go.

Screenshot of Hart FixMyStreet on mobile

See Zurich’s version in action, for iPhone and Android.

As an all-in-one package, it’s cost-effective, highly customisable and incredibly simple to implement.

In short, it’s the problem-reporting solution you’ve been looking for.


Our UK client councils include Stevenage, Bromley, Barnet, Southampton, Oxfordshire, Hart, and (soon to launch) Liverpool City Council and Warwickshire County Council.

FixMyStreet for Councils is also in use outside the UK, in Zurich (Switzerland) and Cebu (Philippines).

Beyond councils

FixMyStreet is flexible software: it can be adapted for any use that relies on people pinpointing a location on a map.

That might include crime reporting, bird spotting, or any other type of crowdsourced, map-based project.

For example, reporting empty homes (an award-winning website and iPhone app for Channel 4 and the Empty Homes Agency); anti-social behaviour (See Something Say Something, an iPhone and Android app for the West Midlands Safer Travel Partnership); vaccine stock shortage (a website, currently in development, for reporting when TB clinics in Delhi have run out of medicine).

Tell us a novel use for FixMyStreet for Councils, and we’re sure we can make it happen.

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