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Many organisations are making a transition. Where the web was once a place for novel experimentation, it’s now the chosen channel of communication for a generation.

It takes skill to provide excellence online. For many, the internet represents a significant channel shift – a daunting prospect for companies who have not built up an understanding of the digital domain.

mySociety have over a decade of experience in prioritising users’ needs online. We offer:

  • Advice about the structure and staffing you’ll need to achieve digital excellence
  • The skills to discern a good digital product or service from a bad one
  • An understanding of what success looks like, and how it can be measured
  • Business processes that are productive for all your stakeholders
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For organisations of any type or size

mySociety has worked with many governmental, public and private sector bodies. We’ve advised them on the impact of ‘digital by default’, and how, as customer expectations change, digital service provision is affected.

We can help you to deploy user-centred techniques to kick-start the process of digital transformation: taking existing services that cause unnecessary frustration, figuring out how they should work for the customer in an ideal world, identifying the process changes needed, and helping make them happen.

In short, we hand over everything we’ve learned in our decade of providing user-centric, transactional and informational websites.

We’re always happy to talk through your needs, with no obligation.

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Who we’ve helped

UK Parliament

In 2014 we conducted a full strategic review of Parliament’s digital provisions in response to their tender for consultancy assistance, carrying out more than 100 interviews with staff, Members, and website users to produce key recommendations for action. You can read more on our blog, including the full report.

Bristol City Council

mySociety was commissioned to report on the barriers that were preventing the council from delivering world-class digital public services. We ran a series of interviews with council management to identify common themes and concerns, in order to produce a set of key recommendations for the council to take forward.

Buckinghamshire County Council

Buckinghamshire commissioned mySociety to help them to ensure continual improvement of their new website’s core content and services. Analysing their website, we made recommendations for web KPIs, and helped them to create processes for identifying which parts of the site are succeeding or failing, and what standard operating practice should be when sub-optimal performance is identified.

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