Keeping tabs on the UK’s parliaments

A large section of the UK population do not know the name of their MP, let alone how they voted on key issues or what they are saying in their name. We built TheyWorkForYou to rectify this.

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TheyWorkForYou is one of mySociety’s most visited sites, providing you with a vast range of information on the politicians who represent you, including:

  • Who your local MP is
  • Summaries of how MPs have voted
  • Text of debates in Parliament – laid out in a way that’s easy to read, fully searchable and linkable
  • Video of MPs speaking in debates
  • Written questions MPs have submitted to government departments, and the answers they’ve got back

Much of this content is available elsewhere on the web, but it’s typically not easy to find, navigate or share.

We’ve added extra functionality to tackle that. With TheyWorkForYou, you can:

  • Receive email alerts whenever a specific MP speaks, or your chosen topic is mentioned in Parliament
  • Be notified by email about upcoming debates or topics
  • Add comments and annotations to what politicians have said

TheyWorkForYou is also a historic resource which allows you to browse or search everything that was said in Parliament, right back to the 1930s.

Find out what your MP has been up to