Euston, we have a problem

Your bus is always late, your train is falling apart, and the station’s a disgrace.

It’s easy enough to grumble to your co-passengers, but have you ever stopped to think what might happen if you all got together to do something about it?

FixMyTransport allows passengers to report issues on any public transport route in the UK – train, bus, underground, tram, or coach.

But more than that, it brings together people who have the same issue, so they can campaign to solve it.

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If you’re a passenger, FixMyTransport makes it:

  • Easy You don’t have to know who to contact or even which operator runs the line; all you need to know is where you were travelling to and from. We’ll automatically send your report to the right contact.
  • Transparent Transport operators are accountable: your report will also be publicly visible online to anyone, and so will the operators’ replies.
  • Social FixMyTransport automatically creates campaigns. When someone reports the same issue as you, you’ll be grouped together on the site, creating more impact than all the complaints individually.

For transport operators, FixMyTransport makes the complaints process:

  • Rapid Your customers are at the front line of your services: often they will know about the things that are broken even before you do. You’ll be able to fix them faster, and receive fewer complaints as a result.
  • Efficient Because FixMyTransport reports can all be viewed online, it is less likely that separate passengers will contact you over the same issue. You’ll be able to communicate directly with a group of affected passengers with a single email.
  • Fair By putting problems and their replies in the public domain, we are giving you a chance to show what is being done to fix things.

Give it a go!

Note: Like most mySociety projects, FixMyTransport is based on open source code. It is written in Ruby and you’ll find the GitHub link below.

However, we are not currently recommending FixMyTransport as a project for international re-use. This is due to its complex datasets and the fact that it’s founded so deeply in the UK transport infrastructure.

You can find out more about how to replicate mySociety projects on our Global Reach pages – and we’re always happy to have a chat.