We build and run websites in the UK

mySociety began as a UK organisation. We built our first websites to work within the UK’s society and political system, although from the start they were Open Source and we encouraged use elsewhere.

mySociety increasingly has an international focus, but our websites in the UK are still a fundamental part of what we do. Typically, they are the first iterations of the code we share with partners across the world – and they’re where we gained the experience we need to make that code as good as it can be.

mySociety websites all have one thing in common: they help people in their civic and democratic lives. They might help you see what your politicians are doing, for example, or make it very simple to report a problem in your local neighbourhood.

Through our UK websites, we aim to promote transparency, open data, and the efficiencies that digital technologies can bring to public bodies. They allow you to weave civic and democratic participation into your everyday life, so that getting involved becomes simple and unremarkable, for everyone.

Current projects

In the UK, everyone has the right to request information from bodies such as governments, schools and public services, under the Freedom of Information Act. WhatDoTheyKnow makes the process simpler, and more transparent.

Your local councillors, MP, and other representatives are there to help you – but it’s hard to contact them if you don’t know who they are. WriteToThem solves this problem by asking one thing: your postcode.

A lot happens in Parliament, but it sometimes seems like you have to be an expert to follow it all, let alone locate the parts that interest you. TheyWorkForYou to the rescue: we publish parliamentary activity, and make it easy to search, share, or link to.

Spotted a broken lamp post or a pothole in your local area, and don’t know who to report it to? FixMyStreet can help. Just stick a pin in the map, add a few details, and we’ll send it off to the people in charge of getting it fixed.

If there’s something wrong with your local transport, you can complain to the operator. But what if your complaint was public, and you could gather together with others who felt the same way?

Mapumental Property
If you’re house-hunting, you’ll really appreciate this nifty little site. Input the postcode of anywhere you visit regularly: your workplace, the gym, the kids’ school – and choose your maximum tolerable commute time.

Older projects

Pre-dating Groupon and other ‘collective activity’ sites, Pledgebank lets you say ‘I’ll do it, but only if you’ll help’.

Ever wonder what your MP is up to? Now you can ask them to send you regular updates.

No 10 Petitions
In 2006, mySociety built the No 10 ePetitions website for the government: it was at that point an unprecedented project for the nation. No 10 have now retired their version of the site, but at its peak nearly 200,000 people signed up to the service in a single day.

Petitions for Councils
Our ePetitions software helps councils to provide an online means for residents to create and collect signatures on petitions, and to keep petitioners up to date with the actions that are being taken.

How do you create a map layer that shows levels of ‘scenicness’? By devising a game and asking everyone to join in, that’s how…

Need someone to nag you? Then welcome to Hassleme, your new annoying best friend.